everybody wanna go to berlin

a little update about this and that:

new maz song uploaded on myspace from our recent cd-r album "II"

going to berlin to work on the lyrics for the upcoming umoral album. we have no idea what the album title is going to be, but here is the track list - keep in mind it's tentative
  1. Du som skjender hvert kroppens hulrom
  2. (Shut up and) Worship my cock
  3. Miracle my ass
  4. Clit of the cult of the cunt
  5. Smothered in kindness and approachability
  6. The ecstacy that would not end
  7. Watch the eyes! The eyes!
  8. Therapist the rapist
  9. To enter the flesh
  10. Characteristics of a tiny soul
i'll also do some work trying to get closer to the completion of the zweizz & joey hopkins album. fuck, it's hard to get everything right

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