some zweizz & homo vinter pics

all pics by ingrid aarvik berge


upcoming gig

I'll be playing at the "Støy på landet" festival in Sælbu this Saturday!


Flu Hartberg «Horgan»

Jeg har anmeldt Flu Hartbergs serieroman «Horgan». Les også intervju med opphavmannen.


zweizz/utarm split tape

upcoming release: zweizz/utarm split cassette coming soon through destructive industries.


Even more Zweizz & Homo Vinter

Here are some photos from last Sunday's Zweizz & Homo Vinter mini tour at the Henie Onstad Art Centre. More photos from the event here. (All pics by Lasse Marhaug)


zweizz & homo vinter

Here are some pics of Zweizz & Homo Vinter. One from our concert in April at Podium i Oslo, and some from another concert at Gamla in May. I wish I were as cute as Homo Vinter. All pics by Ingrid Aarvik Berge.


playing with fire

Photo by Ida Aalen.


Concert scene investigators

Yesterday Homo Vinter and I went to Høvikodden to the Henie Onstad Art Centre to look at the toilet facilities. Lars Mørch Finborud, the music curator at the art centre gave us some kickass old Svein Finnerud Trio vinyls (from 1984!). Looking forward to the concert on Sunday! Read more about it!

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