The Beautiful Toilet

The Beautiful Toilet

Blue, blue is the grass about the river
And the willows have overfilled the close garden.
And within, the mistress, in the midmost of her youth,
White, white of face, hesitates, passing the door.
Slender, she puts forth a slender hand;

And she was a courtezan in the old days,
And she has married a sot,
Who now goes drunkenly out
And leaves her too much alone.

(Ezra Pound)


we never cared much about post rock

Nobody really talked about "post rock" in 1995, as far as I can remember. I see that according to Wikipedia, the term "post rock" was coined in 1994, but "post rock" never came to Ytre Enebakk that year nor the year after. Descriptions such as this are just music journalists trying to make the chaotic world of music comprehensible anyway. That's why i try to avoid inventing new tags while writing about music myself (I think).

So here is a guy writing about Fleurety and "post rock".


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