Zweizz on tour with Ulver

Mar 22: Ulver, Virus & Zweizz, Koko London, UNITED KINGDOM
Mar 26: Trabendo Paris, FRANCE
Mar 27: Incorso Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS
Mar 29: Matrix Bochum-Langendreer, GERMANY
Mar 30: Substage Karlsruhe, Baden-Würt, GERMANY
Mar 31: Z7 Basel, SWITZERLAND
Apr 2: Madonna dell'Albero Ravenna, -, ITALY
Apr 3: Szene Vienna, AT
Apr 6: k17 Berlin, GERMANY
Apr 7: Majestic Bratislava, SLOVAKIA (Slovak Republic)
Apr 8: Beatpol Dresden, DEU
Apr 9: Biebob Antwerp, BELGIUM


  1. i heard rumors about concert in Poland... shame it is not true

  2. I didn't really know what to think at first when you opened for Ulver in Rotterdam yesterday but in hindsight i quite enjoyed it. And i had a good laugh at the toilet part!


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